Fisher of Men Bible, la Biblia Del Pescador in English, is a practical tool of triple use: evangelize, disciple, and service to God. The General Editor is the respected evangelist Dr. Luis Ángel Díaz-Pabón. The Fisher of Men includes a detailed index that permits the reader to find the adequate passage in the Bible for any situation. The index is divided into six main sections: evangelism, counseling, Christian doctrine, apologetics (different religions), church, and devotion. The index will take you to the first verse of a chain on a particular subject. There you will find a brief commentary, and the reference to a second passage of the chain. The majority of the chains have four to five verses. The Bible also contains a glossary named “Deeper Waters”, with brief definitions and practices of biblical terminology. This Bible is ideal for the laic Cristian, its General Editor has shown the importance of a establishing a solid theological foundation. This Bible makes it possible.

CSB Fisher of Men Bible